3 BEST Steps to Earn with State Earn Agencies

Today we are going over State earn agencies, getting to know what it is and the steps you can follow to maximise your chances of making a profit. As usual with approaching online earning opportunities, it is important and right to question their legitimacy.

State earn agencies is picking up from the previous Twigamart agencies, which has a good reputation from their promises. Simply put, it’s a platform for anyone available to make a bit of side money, given that they can come up with strategies to make a profit.

I am going to share with you the 3 steps you can make use of to begin your earning journey.

Step 1: Registration and Activation

With referrals being primarily the best earning method on this platform, it is going to mostly benefit networkers since they have the advantage of an audience.

Having an audience is important because you can educate them on the means of earning on a platform like State earn agencies, which is going to help them make a profit. This is a two way advantage, since it is going to benefit both of them.

Once you register on State earn agencies, you will be sent to a payment page that will request you to make a payment of Ksh 450, an equivalent of:

State earn activation fees

  • Kenya Ksh 450
  • Malawi MK 7,000
  • Nigeria Ngn 1,700
  • Tanzania Tzh 11,500
  • Uganda Ugx 17,000
  • Rwanda Twf 4,500
  • Burundi Bif 16,000
  • Zambia ZK 90
  • Zimbabwe Zwd 2,500

Access all the earning features of State Earn Agencies

After a successful registration, you will be presented with a dashboard similar to this

State earn dashboard
State earn dashboard

At first, you will be greeted with zeros on several sections of your dashboard. This is only as you begin and hopefully by the end of the day, you will have different numbers reflecting your earnings.

On the furthest top left corner, is your menu that you can toggle to access all the features that we will go over shortly. But before that, get your affiliate or referral link on the bottom of your dashboard. This is the link that will earn you money after every successful registration on the platform.

Step 2: Sharing your Affiliate Link

To share your affiliate link, simply scroll down and click on “copy” This will copy your link to your clipboard, now you can share it to others by simply pasting.

State earn Agencies payouts and legitimacy

When it comes to State earn making payouts and the question about their legitimacy, we’ve seen time and again that they’ve made all their requested payouts. At most, if you’ve initiated a withdrawal it won’t take more than 24 hours.

State earn payout screenshot
State earn payout screenshot

With payments coming in mostly within 3 hours, you can expect to get a faster withdrawal if you initiate one between 8 am to 10 am EAT.

What about my earnings?

You must be wondering “okay the withdrawals are made on time. What about my income?”

Sure you can’t withdraw funds that you don’t have yet, right? And that’s where your strategy comes in. It’s very useful and rewarding when you take the time to think of an earning strategy that’s unique to you.

You must have come across people with multiple approaches on how they’re making their revenue, or how they’re advertising their work. This doesn’t mean anything when it isn’t beneficial to you. So as always, make the time to design your own approach. I’ll compose a better guide to how you can achieve this regardless of where you are.

So what’s the best strategy?

There isn’t a better approach to this other than what you have worked on personally and have learned from it’s results. For example, if you have tried social media marketing on an example of WhatsApp, you can see how many people you have reached in one day and how many you have successfully converted to saved contacts on both sides.

What makes it work now comes to status posting every now and then with consistency. If you notice a consistent viewer, you can begin by introducing yourself.

If you’ve noticed that introducing yourself isn’t good enough, you can step it up by sending a very simple but comprehensive picture that you have created yourself.

Painful rewards

Some people indeed have it easy on making profits on platforms such as State earn. As we all know that the audience wins, if you focused on acquiring an audience then you’ll have a very easy time with getting out your efforts about the campaign.

In the end, a bigger audience becomes easier and easier to acquire and sensitive on the new directions of making a side income.

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