Lipasmart the Next SCAM? Why you should watch out!

Lipasmart has been here since 26th July. It is from the previous developers of Quick Earn Agencies from back in 2020. There are many ways to tell if a platform is specifically designed to walk out with your money in the end, or do it bit by bit. We have been with many platform over the years and without a doubt, we have come across legitimate and sketchy platforms.

Why does Lipasmart come very close to being a Scam?

No about us page, no terms and conditions page and most importantly, no contact information. Just apart from the business registration certificate, there is nothing else on the platform that can link you to the administrator of Lipasmart.

This is incredibly frustrating, especially just after joining the platform and paying your activation fees and you realize you can’t even login or reset your password.

We have a group that has tried Lipasmart and have come to determine that there are very many faults with the platform as it was clearly, poorly designed.

Red flags on Lipasmart

  1. No customer care contact anywhere on the platform.
  2. Balance not matching your earnings. Where does the other money go to?
  3. Constant email failures. (Can’t reset password meaning you can’t access your account)
  4. No branding info (Logo, social handles)
  5. No Terms and conditions pages no about us pages.
  6. Constant redirection errors. Can’t use the website unless you clear your browser cache.
  7. Hidden info about the website owners on WHOIS. (This is where information about a website owner is displayed.)

When you create an online platform and abandon your clients to face their own problems, it raises big questions of legitimacy of the platform in general. This raises questions as to whether this platform is to be trusted at all.

Challenges I have faced on Lipasmart and how I solved them

  1. Personally the challenges I’ve faced is waiting for my password reset email to arrive, and constantly getting this error, or no email arriving at all.

How I fixed this issue

Wait 24 until the next day just in case the issue is fixed by the anonymous admin, you should try again and reset your password.

Issue I faced

2. Seeing a blank white screen or a very long loading screen or constantly being redirected (Redirection loop). Being notified you’re restricted from logging in

How I fixed this issue

Clear your browser cache or switch to a different browser. Clearing your browser cache is simple and involves just a few steps. If you are using Chrome as your browser:

  1. Click on the top right (3 Dots)
  2. Click settings
  3. Click on (privacy and security)
  4. Click on clear browsing data
  5. Click clear data.

Issue I faced

Inconsistent or unmatching account balance with your earnings. This is straight out theft and there is nothing you can do to get it fixed. There is no administrator you can tell about your problems, except try sending emails to [email protected] which they will read ad their own discretion.

Does Lipasmart cash out their withdrawal requests?

I have initiated withdrawals twice, and ironically I have received my payments within 24 hours. The minimum withdrawal balance is Ksh 250. You need to have this as your minimum balance before you can initiate a withdrawal. Of course it is worrying to know that anytime you can initiate a withdrawal and you will never get your payout.

Lipasmart ventures

Even more unfortunately, you cannot do anything about that and this pretty much sums up why you should choose your sanity and peace of mind over the thought of being scammed.

I understand that there are several earning methods on Lipasmart with the likes of Brodecoins trading, watching youtube videos and doing timed trivia. It’s sad to say that with all the red flags standing out about the platform, the chances that they are actually legitimate are very close to zero.

If I would recommend an online platform it would be Twigamart Agencies by Satoshi Agencies who have made several stable platforms over the years.

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