Earn Mula New Way to Earn Money Online

(Earn Mula is Offline) Launched 2nd October 2021

I’ve had several ways to try and make some money online using my phone, and nowadays plenty of platforms have been flooding the social media promising easy money. Earn Mula is from Satoshi Agencies, if you haven’t come across them or their work in Kenya, they create online earning platforms with their latest being Earnmula.

Can I make money on Earnmula?

If you’ve come across online platforms before, you probably know what to expect, as the idea of making easy money as promised is not exactly what it looks like. Staying relevant in terms of making money on such platforms, will require you to invite several other users in order to make money.

For example, Earnmula has three earning levels (Level 1, Level 2 and Level 3). This means, that for anyone you invite into the platform and registers using your referral link, (your are given a referral link after you register and pay KSH 450 as activation fee). So for everyone who joins using your link, you get paid KSH 250 from the amount paid by that person as their activation fee.

That becomes your level one and you only get paid when they pay the activation fee after registering under your link.

Familiar with pyramid schemes involving recruitment of multiple people in return to a portion paid to you and same applies to them? That’s pretty much what goes on here, so be aware of what you’re getting into because this serves an opportunity and a risk at the same time to the majority.

EarnMula Online business dashboard 2
EarnMula Online business dashboard 1

Being on the safe side in this case would mean that you always have to be among the first people to join the platform and make sure that you invite most people under your level one team so that they can in turn ‘work for you’ by then recruiting others.

When your team that joined the platform under your name or rather your link get to invite other people, you will also be paid a portion of the money that was paid during the registration of the new members. But this portion will be lower as you progress down the referral levels as explained above.

EarnMula summary 1

So what does this mean? You might think, ‘but we have several other earning methods. I mean I could write blogs or answer trivia questions and get paid too.’ That’s very wrong really. Here’s why.

The company or in this case EarnMula, pays people who invite others into their website. And where does this money that they use come from? It comes from the new members that keep joining. And since it’s a pyramid scheme, we will never have a sufficient number of people joining to sustain the payment chain system. Even the entire world can’t sustain this system. Read out more on ‘what is a pyramid scheme or ponzi’ pretty much works in the same way.

So the other earning means on EarnMula like :

  • Writing blogs.
  • Spinning casinos for luck
  • Answering trivia questions
  • Watching YouTube videos

They all sound promising but really they’re pretty much there to fill grey areas and dim the spotlight on referrals being the main earning means.

Unless you’re aware of all of this and you know how to stay relevant in platform of this nature, you should find out more about them then determine whether it’s worth the risk and your time because we actually have people who are really good at this and know when to step in and walk out.

This of course, leaves casualties when the system has few people joining and the last ones to join will most likely not get paid due to the interrupted money flow. And since the company can’t remove money out of their pockets to finance this loss, they’re forced to shut it down and lock many out.

So assess your risks and you’ll be fine.

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